Swim, surf, paddle, travel…just chase the water

Learn To Swim For Adults

Learn to swim and take on the world. Learn the basics of swimming and the things I wish I knew when learning to swim.


Swim fitness is the goal for many swimmers. Learn how to improve your swimming fitness to be stronger and happier.

Best Swim Gear Reviewed

Find the best swim gear and learn what works to help you enjoy your time in the water and get the most out of your swim workouts.

Learn To Swim Course
For Adults

I learned to swim as an adult. My journey was a long one since, in addition to not knowing how to swim, I have a fear of deep water. This course helped me find my peace in the water.

What’s In My Swim Bag?

This is the gear I swim with every day. These are my personal favourites and I’ve used them for hundreds of hours so I know they can stand the test of time.


Discover the world of surfing.


Explore the joy of windsurfing.

Paddle Board

Find yourself through paddle boarding.

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Outdoor Swimming

Swimming In Cold Water
(What to expect as a beginner)

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