7 Best Waterproof Swim Bags (And why you need one)

Waterproof swim bags are essential for outdoor swimmers. They are a great way to keep your gear dry, while also acting as a tow-float as you swim outdoors.

The difference between waterproof swim bags, specifically for swimming, and regular dry bags is that waterproof swim bags will be inflatable, giving you extra buoyancy as you swim in the water.

I have found that regular dry bags are a great option for keeping your clothes and valuables dry on land. However, swimming with a regular dry bag is a bad idea. If any water gets inside an ordinary dry bag while underwater, the contents within will become waterlogged and could sink.

After careful consideration, I have realised that the majority of dry bags are not made to be submerged or remain in the water for extended periods of time.

If you accidentally drop a dry bag into the water, it will temporarily float and protect your items as long as you grab it quickly and get it out.

This is great for kayakers or water sports enthusiasts who are on or near the water, but this is not helpful for swimmers who are in the water.

Waterproof swim bags on the other hand can store your gear, just like a dry bay. However, they have the option to be inflated, thus giving more buoyancy.

In addition, many swim bags double up as a tow float, in the event that you need something to hold onto in the water for some extra buoyancy. It should be noted that waterproof swim bags are not safety devices and your bag should not be relied upon as a life-saving device.

Below is a picture of my waterproof swim bag (on the left) and my dry bag (on the right) so you can see how a waterproof swim bag differs from a regular dry bag.

The Best Waterproof Swim Bags

The following is a list of the best waterproof swim bags. My top favourite is the Flintronic Swim Buoy & Inflatable Dry Bag, as it is nice and big while offering good buoyancy.

1. Flintronic Swim Buoy & Inflatable Dry Bag 

The Flintronic Swim Buoy & Inflatable Dry Bag is the perfect solution for swimmers looking for a reliable, and affordable waterproof bag. The bag is made from durable and lightweight PVC, making it easy to carry with you while swimming. It features an adjustable shoulder strap so you can adjust the bag to fit your body.

The Flintronic Swim Buoy & Inflatable Dry Bag also features an inflatable design so it can float on the water. This makes it ideal for open-water swimmers who need a safe place to store their belongings while swimming.

With a capacity of 20L, this bag is big enough for most essentials such as a towel, drink and change of light clothes.

2. Ultra Dry Swim Buoy Dry Bag

The Ultra Dry Swim Buoy Dry Bag is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a reliable and waterproof swim bag. Its 28-litre capacity provides plenty of space for carrying multiple items, while the adjustable shoulder straps make it easy and comfortable to carry around.

Additionally, its heavy-duty PVC construction ensures that your belongings stay dry.

As an added bonus, this bag also comes with a waterproof cell phone pocket that provides extra protection for your device when you’re out in the water, plus a whistle to attract attention if needed.

3. WholeFire Swim Buoy Waterproof Inflatable Dry Bag

The WholeFire Swim Buoy Waterproof Inflatable Dry Bag is a reliable way to keep your swim gear dry and safe. This bag is made with high-quality, waterproof PVC material that can protect your items from water, dirt, and sand while in the water.

Like other waterproof swim bags, this bag is also inflatable.

With a capacity of 20L, it is large enough for a microfibre towel and light changes of clothes.

4. New Wave Swim Buoy – Swimming Tow Float and Drybag

The New Wave Swim Buoy is a good swim bag for any swimmer- from beginner to experienced. Not only does it keep your valuables safe and dry, but it also acts as a tow float and flotation device. With its bright colour, you can easily be spotted in the water and stay visible to boats or other.

This tow float and dry bag is smaller in capacity than the other swim bags I have mentioned. With a capacity of 15L, it is more suitable for smaller items such as sunglasses and smaller items.

5. Jodsen Swim Buoy Tow Float Dry Bag

The Jodsen Swim Buoy Tow Float Dry Bag is a reliable, waterproof swim bag. Made of high-grade durable PVC material, this bag is designed to keep your essential items safe and dry.

This bag is similar in design to other products in this price range, suggesting that there is some overlap with suppliers and often, just the label changes but the product remains the same.

With an inflatable mouthpiece and good storage capacity, this is another reliable swim bag.

6. DIPPY Tow Floats For Open Water Swimming

The DIPPY Tow Floats For Open Water Swimming are the perfect choice for any serious swimmer looking to venture into open water. These buoyant and lightweight floats are designed to provide superior buoyancy and visibility to help ensure your safety while swimming in open water.

The bright colours of the float are highly visible in any environment, and the adjustable straps provide a secure fit.

The floats also offer great storage space with a 28L capacity. Additionally, this swim bag comes equipped with an easy grip handle which is good to hold onto the tow float while resting in the water.

7. ProCase Swim Buoy Backpack

The ProCase Swim Buoy Backpack is a great choice for anyone looking to bring their personal items with them on their next swim. This backpack is made from a lightweight Nylon waterproof material that helps to keep items dry and protected.

This swim bag is large with a 35L capacity, so if you need to bring a bigger kit, this bag has the volume.

In particular, this swim bag has a double airbag. This is an excellent safety feature in the event that one airbag is punctured.

Waterproof Swim Bags – Frequently Asked Questions

The following is a list of the most commonly asked questions about waterproof swim bags.

Can You Swim With A Waterproof Bag?

Swimming with a waterproof bag is possible, and it can be a great way to keep your belongings safe while you take a dip.

Waterproof swim bags are designed to keep items dry and add some buoyancy so the bag does not sink.

They come in many different styles, materials and sizes, so you can find one that fits your needs.

Many of these bags feature a roll-top closure or other waterproofing technology that prevents water from getting inside. They also usually have adjustable straps, so you can carry them comfortably on your back or over your shoulder.

What Is The Difference Between Water Resistant And Waterproof Bag?

Waterproof bags are made of materials that completely prevent water from getting inside, while water-resistant bags will only provide some protection against moisture.

Waterproof bags are usually constructed with a PVC coating or a laminate material layer that creates an airtight seal when closed, ensuring all the contents remain dry and protected.

Water-resistant bags, on the other hand, are often made of a material that is resistant to water but not completely waterproof.

What Is The Difference Between A Dry Bag And A Waterproof Bag?

A dry bag is designed to keep the contents inside dry, but not necessarily waterproof.

A waterproof bag is designed to keep water out, protecting the contents from getting wet even if submerged or exposed to heavy rain.

While both are useful for carrying items in wet environments if you want your items to stay completely dry while swimming, a waterproof bag is your best bet.

Swimming waterproof bags will have the option to inflate the bag, so your contents can float behind you in the bag as you swim.

Do Waterproof Bags Float?

Waterproof swim bags are specifically designed to keep your items dry and protected, even if they’re submerged in water for extended periods of time.

Generally speaking, these bags are made from durable PVC which prevents the bag from becoming saturated and keeps water out.

Swim bags with an inflatable airbag are designed to float. Some waterproof swim bags have two separate airbag compartments to for extra protection in case one airbag compartment gets punctured.

It is best to check with the manufacturer of your chosen swim bag to ensure that it is designed to float.

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