Learn To Swim For Adults

I learned to swim as an adult.

My journey was a long one since, in addition to not knowing how to swim, I have a fear of deep water.

On my long journey of teaching myself to swim as an adult, I had a few “key breakout moments” that helped me level up and take my swimming to the next stage.

One key breakout moment was discovering the “Total Immersion Swimming” course.

What Is The Total Immersion Swimming Course?

The Total Immersion Online Swimming Course is a wonderful course that can teach any swimmer to swim faster and further with less effort.

This teaching technique moves away from “traditional” swimming lessons where it is all about flapping your arms and survival and uses what it calls “fishlike” swimming, where you become more aware of your movement, can glide in the water, and achieve a beautiful swimming technique that really feels effortless.

What Did This Swim Course Do For Me?

At first, I was dubious about learning to swim or improving my swimming from online tuition, but Terry Laughlin teaches the art of swimming so beautifully in this course with clear drills and instructions that it becomes addictive. You just want to get to the pool to try them out!

This course has really changed my life. I have transformed from someone who would cling onto the pool wall terrified, with zero kicking ability, to a graceful long-distance swimmer. This course gave me the knowledge and confidence I needed to be comfortable in the water.

What This Swim Course Can Do For You

Swim Effortlessly

If you have struggled with “traditional” swimming lessons where one length is exhausting and everything feels too hard, then this course will help you glide effortlessly through the water.

Swim Longer Distance​

Learn how to swim longer distances effortlessly without gasping for air at the end of every length.​

Swim Faster​

The techniques taught in this course will help you swim faster as you become more efficient at swimming.​

Improve Quickly​

The swimming drills in this course are so effective you will see an improvement in your swimming ability almost immediately.​

Feel Comfortable​

This course will help you feel truly comfortable in the water, as you understand how water works and what we need to do to swim like a fish.​

Feel Energised​

Stop feeling exhausted after every length and start feeling energised from your swims as you learn to move your body efficiently. ​

What Is Inside This Course?

Clear Explanations

Terry Laughlin will help you understand why traditional swimming methods don’t always work and you’ll learn how to swim for life and well-being. 

Learn Balance & Core Stability

Learn specific drills and how to position your body best in the water for maximum swim efficiency so you can become relaxed and confident in the water. 

Learn Controlled Hand Recovery

Learn how to move your elbow and hands through the water for the most efficient freestyle stroke. 

Learn Body Shaping

Learn how to shape and position your body in the water for the least amount of drag. 

Learn To Breathe Correctly

Learn how to breathe correctly, with excellent body positioning and hand movements for the most optimum freestyle stroke. 

My Review

Discovering this course has changed my life. I have gone from someone who could only swim 25 meters very badly, gasping for air, to someone who can now swim many miles without feeling tired. 

Traditional swimming lessons frustrated me for years, because everything felt so hard. I now count myself as a long-distance swimmer thanks to this amazing course. I am so grateful to the creators for helping me discover and unleash my true swimming potential.

Louise Byrne – Founder of “Chase The Water”

Answers To Your Questions

Can I Learn To Swim From This Course?

This course is not designed for non-swimming beginners. This course requires that you can swim 25 meters. 

From my experience, I could badly “doggy paddle” 25 meters before taking this course. This course then helped me to progress from novice swimmer to learning a graceful front crawl/freestyle.

This course does not teach life-saving fundamentals such as treading water, so never swim out of your depth if you are not confident or put yourself in a situation where your life is at risk. Safety first. 

Can I Learn Swimming From Videos?

At first, I was dubious about improving my swimming from videos. However, the swimming drills in this course are so well explained through video that you can clearly see what is required.

You can then focus on one drill when you next get to the pool, which really helps you to stay focused and master each aspect of a graceful freestyle


How Does This Course Work?

This course works by breaking down the freestyle (front crawl) stroke so you can learn specific aspects of the stroke, work on each aspect individually, and then put all the parts together to create a beautiful and effortless stroke. 

You can complete this course in 15 to 30 hours of practice, distributed over two or more months.

I Can Already Swim, How Will This Course Help?

This swim course can help everyone swim better.

By following this swimming course, you will become more comfortable in the water, be more confident and have more energy as you swim.

If you find you get tired easily or cannot swim any faster despite your best efforts, then this course can give you the skills to achieve your goals. 

Who Is This Course For?


This course can help novice swimmers to learn how to move more efficiently through the water, gaining more confidence in the water while swimming longer distances without feeling tired. 

*Note: This course is not for non-swimming beginners. The ability to swim 25 meters is required. 


This course can help competent swimmers to swim faster, and for longer distances, without getting tired.

This is perfect for swimmers who have bigger goals, such as trying to swim a mile or more. 


From training for a triathlon to your next long-distance open-water swim, learn how to get the most from your time in the water by being as efficient as possible. 

“Start Achieving Your Swim Goals Today!”