What’s In My Swim Bag?

swimming gear is ready to pack into a swim bag

The following are the items in my swim bag. This is the gear I swim with everyday.

These are my personal favourites and I’ve used them for hundreds of hours so I know they can stand the test of time.

Swim Goggles

My goggles of choice are the Speedo Unisex Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Goggles, which are suitable for male and female faces.

Speedo Adult Unisex Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Swimming Goggle

  • Good field of vision
  • Very comfortable
  • Fits securely to face
  • Fits a wide range of face sizes
  • Good anti-fog protection
  • Range of lens colours available

I also have a pair of these in the junior size, which are brilliant for adult swimmers who have a smaller face. They look exactly the same as the adult size and feel so comfortable.

Speedo Junior – Unisex Futura Biofuse Flexiseal Swimming Goggle

  • Great for small adult faces
  • Very comfortable
  • Good anti-fog properties
  • Durable
  • Comes with a protective case

In summary, they work really well, have excellent anti-fog properties with a lovely soft seal which has helped me to reduce my “racoon eyes” after each swim.

Swimming everyday, with just a gentle rinse in cold water after each swim, you can expect to get three months use from these, which is normal.

Swim Cap

I have been swimming with the basic Speedo Plain Moulded Silicone Swim Cap for years.

Speedo Plain Moulded Silicone Swim Cap

  • One size to fit a range of head sizes
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Keeps the head smooth, which is good for a streamlined swimming position

This cap is made from a soft silicone, and comes in one-size.

Like nearly all swimming caps it does not keep my hair dry, (click here to learn how to do this), but it does fit really well, is comfortable and protects my bleached hair from too much exposure to chlorine.

For those interested in swim speeds, this cap shapes the head into a smooth surface that will help you to glide through the water.

Sports Microfibre Towel

Towels are so important for swimmers and so many of us just grab a standard towel which is bulky and hard to store in your swim bag.

I have purchased the Eono Microfibre Towel, Swimming Towel and Beach Towel, and it is amazing!

I cannot believe how space saving it is. The size I purchased was 170cm by 40cm, which is a large, but they do come in bigger sizes. This is such a great purchase.

Unlike some microfibre towels, that can have a “prickly” feeling, this is smooth. The best I can compare it too, is the soft cloth you get when you clean a pair a glasses…..assuming you know what I am taking about!

Eono Microfibre Towel

  • Really compact
  • Lovely to touch
  • Very durable
  • Removes bulky towels from your swim bag.

Chlorine Removal Shampoo

When you swim everyday, chlorine starts to take an effect on your hair and skin.

Male and female swimmers across the country could avoid bad hair days and that chlorine smell by using chlorine removal shampoos.

I asked my hairdresser if chlorine removal shampoos actually work, and she give a firm “yes, they do work”. You can read all about the impact of chlorine on your skin and hair in this article, Do Chlorine Removal Shampoos Work? (A hairdresser weighs in)

There are many chlorine removal shampoos on the market, but “TriSwim” is the brand I regularly use and it works for my hair.

TRISWIM Moisturizing Chlorine Removing Shampoo

  • Moisturises hair
  • Has a nice mango and lime smell, which is unisex.
  • Leaves hair feeling smooth and soft.

In addition to chlorine removal shampoo, they also offer a chlorine removal conditioner and chlorine removal body wash.

Money Saving Tip: If you find the chlorine removal shampoos too expensive, you could use your regular shampoo but just invest in the chlorine removal conditioner only. This will help remove the chlorine while treating your hair and leaving it soft to touch.

Chlorine Removal Body Wash

As a regular swimmer, you may love the smell of chlorine but do not want to carry it around on your skin all day.

There are dedicated chlorine removal body wash products on the market which helps to soothe dry skin from swimming and removes the smell of chlorine.

I use the chlorine removal body wash from TriSwim. It has a nice fruity smell and it leaves my skin feeling moisturized.

TRISWIM Moisturizing Chlorine Removing Body Wash

  • Nice apricot and mango smell. A unisex fragrance.
  • Leaves skin feeling soft.
  • Designed to eliminate chlorine, bromine, salt water and chemical odours from the skin.

This product is particularly good if you swim before work, and are self-conscious about the possible smell of chlorine on your skin.

If you find that your regular shower gel or body wash is not very effective at removing the smell of chlorine then this is a good investment.

If you find your skin drying out because of chlorine, then this is an excellent investment.

The downside with this product is that it is expensive for shower gel, but it works.

Money Saving Tip: The TriSwim store on Amazon has a deals section which is really good for finding bargains. It is worth keeping an eye on this to see if you can get any of their chlorine removal products on offer. Secondly, TriSwim sell smaller 90ml bottles of their chlorine removal products. This is a great way to sample a selection of products before investing in a larger bottle.

Fitness Tracker

Until recently I have been using a FitBit to monitor my swim distances. This is an effective fitness tracker and I still have it in my swim bag.

However, I have found a much cheaper and excellent swimming watch.

Currently I swim with the Amazfit Band 5 Smart Band Fitness Tracker which works amazingly well and costs just £25.

Amazfit Band 5 Smart Fitness Tracker

  • Brilliant value for money.
  • Tracks swim distance, SWOLF, heart rate and so much more.
  • Can be used for multiple activities and not just swimming.
  • Monitors sleep, so you can see how rested you are on your swim days.

This smart watch will track your swimming SWOLF, (click here to learn what swimming SWOLF is) your swimming pace, heart rate, number of laps and calories

I absolutely love this device and still can’t believe you can get so much for less than £30.

Unlike FitBit, which automatically detects your swimming, with this watch you must remember to tell it that you are swimming, by clicking on workouts, then “pool swim”.

When I first started using this fitness tracker, I kept forgetting to do this, but now that I am in the habit, it is great.

A Wet Bag

Managing wet swim wear can be a pain. After your swim, everything gets soaked and it can be hard to manage your wet swim wear and towels.

Using a small wet bag, you can store your wet swimming suit and towels without getting everything else in your bag wet.

This is an amazing piece of kit to have in your swim bag and I would not be without mine.

We all have to deal with wet swimwear and instead of rolling your wet swimsuit up in a towel, just place it in this bag and you can be sure it will not soak everything else in your gym bag.

KONUNUS Wet Bag (Waterproof Reusable Washable Bag)

  • Keeps wet swimsuit separate from dry gear.
  • Perfect size for a swimming suit.
  • Soft material, easy to store.
  • Washable.
  • Although too small for a towel, it will store a large microfibre towel. (140cm x 70cm is the size I use)

Although not essential, once you get used of using a wet bag for your wet swimming gear, it is hard to be without it.

A Phone Protector

Most of us have phones and they need to come with us to the pool.

My phone nearly always falls out into a puddle of water in the changing room floor, so I invested in a waterproof cover.

I have never submerged my phone in deep water with this bag so I can’t say if it works well as a waterproof bag, but it is really good to keep my phone safe from splashes which happens often after a swim.

Swim Ear Plugs

Swimming ear plugs can be hard to get right first time. As all our ears are different shapes and sizes, it can take some experimentation to find a pair suited to your needs.

Personally I love the Zoggs Aqua Plugz as they are soft, comfortable and are not easily lost as you can tuck the extra moulded ear piece under your swim cap.

I have written a very detailed product review about the Zoggs Aqua Plugz, which you can read by clicking here.

Swim Wear

I am a Speedo fan all the way.

Although I have tried different brands over the years, the best swimming suit I have ever had is the Speedo Proleg Swimsuit. This is definitely a winning swimsuit that is super comfortable and beautiful to wear.

I don’t have much body confidence, but I have it in this swim suit!

Unfortunately, as fashion changes, so do swimwear lines so I cannot easily find my exact swimsuit again, but you cannot go wrong with Speedo, and if you do, their customer service is amazing if you buy direct from their online swim store.