Wet Bag For Swimming (The best bag for wet swimwear)

Wet bags are a great option to store wet swimwear. Made from a lightweight and waterproof material, they can hold wet swimsuits, shorts and speedos, containing the water within the bag.

From all the swimming accessories in my swim bag, my wet bag is an essential item to help me store my wet swimsuit after my morning swim. This cheap yet very useful bag keeps my after swim clothes dry, stopping my wet swimsuit from soaking everything in my bag and beyond.

As a general rule, wet bags for swimming cost less than $10 each and are typically large enough to store wet swimsuits. If you do not have a dedicated swim bag with separate waterproof compartments, a wet bag is a great option to store wet swim gear.

If you own a dedicated swim bag such as the Speedo Duffel Bag, or the Speed Teamster Backpack then you already appreciate how having a separate area to store your wet swimsuit is so convenient.

However, if your swim bag is a regular gym bag without a waterproof compartment, then a wet bag is a great option for storing your wet swim suit.

In this article, I will explain the hidden and often unknown benefits of using a wet bag for swimming covering:

  • What is a wet bag for swimming?
  • Is a wet bag waterproof?
  • How does a wet bag work?
  • How do you use a wet bag?
  • How often should you wash a wet bag?
  • What are the pros and cons of wet bags for swimming?
  • What is the best wet bag?
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What Is A Wet Bag For Swimming?

A wet bag is a waterproof bag that can be used to store wet items, such as towels, swimsuits and other swimwear. Wet bags can be essential for swimmers who need to carry wet swimming clothes.

Here is a picture of the wet bag I use regularly to carry my wet swimsuit. It is large enough to fit my wet swimming suit and my wet micro-fibre towels.

Often called a waterproof swim bag, a wet bag is made from materials such as vinyl or laminated fabrics, to keep wet items separate from dry items.

For example, in my wet bag, the inner lining is a lightweight waterproof material. This means that for any wet item I place inside the bag, the waterproof lining will keep the water contained within the bag and stop it from leaking out.

After my morning swims, this is a great way to store my wet swim gear as I know any dry items in my bag are protected from my wet swimsuit leaking water everywhere.

In summary, wet bags are great for swimmers because they make storing and transporting wet swimwear easy.

Is A Wet Bag Waterproof?

As mentioned, a wet bag is an essential item for anyone who enjoys swimming regularly, as it can provide a convenient way to store and transport wet clothing after a swim. But one of the most common questions people have about wet bags is whether they are waterproof. The answer to this question is both yes and no.

The material that wet bags are made from is typically water resistant, meaning that it will repel some moisture and keep it from seeping through the material. However, wet bags are not completely waterproof, as they can still allow some water to pass through if submerged for a longer period.

Unlike dry bags, which are truly waterproof as they aim to keep water out, a wet bag is designed to keep water in.

If you’re looking for a reliable solution to store your wet clothing after swimming, a wet bag is a great option.

Once your wet swimsuit is in your wet bag and the zipper is closed, wet bags do a fantastic job of keeping this water in the bag and preventing the water from leaking out.

If you are looking for a waterproof bag to protect dry clothes and items from water, then check out dry bags, as the function of a dry bag is to keep water out and not keep it in.

To learn more about dry bags, check out this article which covers everything you need to know about dry bags, and gives some great recommendations:

How Does A Wet Bag Work?

Most wet bags work by trapping air between two layers of fabric to create a barrier to keep your dry items separate from your wet items. Alternatively, they might have a waterproof laminated film to trap water inside.

This is accomplished by using waterproof fabrics such as PVC, neoprene, or polyester coated with laminated film. Wet bags can also be made out of lightweight materials like nylon, which are much more durable than traditional plastic bags.

Here is an image of the outside and inside of my favourite wet bag.

This specific wet bag is made from one layer of polyester which is lined with a laminated film.

The two layers of fabric and laminated plastic are sometimes separated by air, which creates an additional barrier to water seeping through the material.

When a soaking wet swimsuit is placed inside this bag and the zipper closed it completely contains the wet swimsuit and stops water from leaking out.

How Do You Use A Wet Bag?

Using a wet bag is simple and easy. The most common way to use a wet bag is to store your swimsuit and other wet items after swimming.

To do this, simply place the wet items in the bag and zip it up.

This will ensure that the wet items and water stay inside the bag and do not leak water all over your gym bag.

How Often Should You Wash A Wet Bag?

It is important to regularly clean your wet bag to ensure that bacteria and mould do not build up inside.

Any dark, damp and warm area is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria therefore it is important to keep your wet bag and swim bag clean.

You should aim to wash your wet bag after every use, especially if it has been in contact with chlorine or salt water. By washing your wet bag on a regular basis, you can help keep the fabric fresh and free of unwanted odours.

I have found that the best way to extend the life of my wet bag is to hand wash it in a mild detergent and then leave it to air dry.

I wash my wet bag daily as part of my swimsuit cleaning routine. As the wet bag can take longer than 24 hours to dry depending on the time of year, I own two wet bags so one is always drying and ready for my next swim.

To learn more about swimsuit care, check out this article:

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Wet Bags For Swimming?

So the real question is; do you need a wet bag?

Before I purchased a dedicated swim bag with a waterproof compartment, I used a regular gym bag for swimming.

Although I would wrap my wet swimsuit in a towel, on days when I was rushing and being careless, I would find that my wet swimsuit would soak through my gym bag to leave a damp patch on my passenger car seat where I would leave my bag after my swim. This was not good.

The solution to this problem was a small wet bag where I could store my wet swimming suit after my swim.

From using a wet bag as part of my post-swim routine for over a year now, here are some of the pros and cons I have learned from using a wet bag.

The Benefits Of Using A Wet Bag For Swimming

  • Wet bags can be a very practical and efficient way to store wet items like swimsuits after swimming, as they offer a waterproof solution that won’t leak water onto your gym bag or car seat.
  • Wet bags close securely with a zipper to ensure that nothing escapes and keeps them securely closed until the next use.
  • Wet bags are lightweight so they can be thrown into your gym bag with the rest of your gear.

The Disadvantages of Using A Wet Bag For Swimming

  • On the negative side, wet bags are not particularly durable and need to be replaced after a few months to one year of regular use.
  • Furthermore, they can take a while to dry if hand-washed, so it is best to have more than one on hand if you swim regularly.
  • Additionally, some wet bags can be quite flimsy and easily ripped, so it is important to buy good quality and durable wet bags.

Overall, wet bags are a very useful addition to any swimmer’s routine, but it is important to keep them well-maintained and replace them regularly. By doing this, you can ensure that your wet bag remains an essential

What Is The Best Wet Bag?

The best wet bag is one that is made of durable material, has a tight zipper seal to keep water from leaking, and is machine washable. It should also be a size that will fit your swimsuit and other items comfortably.

In my opinion, the best bag for wet swimwear that is affordable and durable is the KONUNUS Wet Bag. This is the wet bag I have been using for a year now and it has never let me down.

To learn more about this wet bag in greater detail, including how big it is and what you can easily fit inside, check out this article which covers this specific in great detail.

Final Thoughts

Overall, wet bags are a great addition to any swimmer’s routine. They provide an effective waterproof solution that keeps your gym bag and gear dry while helping you keep your swimming gear organized.

The best type of wet bag is one made of durable material with a tight zipper seal, machine-washable fabric, and the right size for all your items.

To learn more about choosing the perfect wet bag for your needs and how they compare to dry bags, the following article compares wet bags to dry bags to help you to identify the differences between them.

Happy swimming!

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