Swimming Mesh Bag: What Is It and How Does It Work?

A swimming mesh bag is a fantastic item for serious swimmers who bring a lot of swimming equipment to the poolside.

Swimming mesh bags are lightweight large bags for storing swimming equipment. They are made from a soft net-like material which allows everything inside to air dry. They are great for carrying swim gear to the pool deck such as hand paddles, fins and pull buoys.

In this article I will cover:

  • What Is A Swimming Mesh Bag?
  • Why Use A Swimming Mesh Bag?
  • What Size Swimming Mesh Bag Do I Need?
  • The Best Mesh Bags For Swimming

What Is A Swimming Mesh Bag?

If you love your swimming training aids such as hand paddles, pull buoys and training fins, you’ll know it can be a hassle carrying all this swimming equipment to the poolside.

If you swim in a busy public pool, the other huge concern for swimming equipment users is protecting their gear so that it does not get stolen or accidentally taken by another swimmer.

If these are concerns for you, then a swimming mesh bag is a great solution for managing and protecting your gear on the pool deck.

A swimming mesh bag is a lightweight large bag, made from a breathable net-like material designed so you can transport and store your swimming gear on the poolside.

Because the material is lightweight and breathable, it does not hold water and dries easily.

As the bag has small vent holes, you can easily see what is in the bag, making it easy to organise your gear and quickly change equipment as you swim.

This added transparency also makes it much easier to identify which swim mesh and gear bag is yours, which is very important at busy swimming pools or at swim meets where lots of swimming equipment and bags are left on the pool deck.

Here is an example of an excellent swimming mesh bag from Speedo. It is large and fast-drying, with an additional area to write your name, so your gear won’t get lost.

Speedo Mesh Bag

  • Large and spacious
  • Has an ID tag for your name
  • Soft and fast-drying material

Why Use A Swimming Mesh Bag?

Swimming mesh bags are a great way to take your swim training aids with you to the pool deck.

They are also very easy to use – all you have to do is put your belongings in the bag and tie it shut with the drawstring.

Here are the key benefits of using a swimming mesh bag and why they are an essential piece of swimming kit for regular swimmers, especially those who love their training aids.

1. Swim Equipment Transportation

Swimming mesh bags are ideal for carrying your swim training aids to the pool deck.

From swim paddles to training fins, swim equipment is bulky and can be tricky to manage and carry, especially when wet.

Swimming mesh bags were designed to help you organise all your swimming equipment and get it to the pool deck.

2. Swim Equipment Protection

I swim in a busy public pool, where lots of people use training aids.

From pull buoys to hand paddles, lots of swimming gear is in use in the pool and this can pile up on the poolside as swimmers swap out their gear while doing lengths.

In this situation, it is very easy for swimming equipment to go missing or get mixed up. Storing your swimming gear in a swimming mesh bag on the poolside or at the end of the lane is the best way to ensure your swimming equipment does not accidentally go missing.

Similarly, at swim meets, many swimmers will have lots of extra bits and bobs with them to get them through the long day, such as water, spare towels, caps and goggles.

Again, it is far easier to store your items in a swimming mesh bag.

Even if you have an identical mesh bag to someone else, as the contents of the bag can be seen through the mesh, it is hard for someone to mistake your bag for theirs.

3. Fast Drying Properties

The great thing about swimming mesh bags is that the net-like breathable material dries fast and does not collect water.

Imagine placing your wet swim equipment into a regular bag? At best, you would carry around a heavy and wet bag that will soak everything it touches.

The fast-drying properties of a swimming mesh bag mean it does not hold water and, as a result, remains lightweight and manageable when holding wet swim equipment.

4. Hygienic

A major advantage of having such a fast-drying bag is that it is far more hygienic than other types of bags for storing wet swim equipment.

As the net-like material does not hold water and is airy, it reduces the chances of bacteria growing inside a dark and damp bag.

4. Lightweight

A swimming mesh bag is very light.

In addition, as it does not absorb water, it remains light.

This is a very important property when transporting wet swimming equipment.

Where a regular bag may absorb water and become heavy, the swimming mesh bag retains its lightweight properties.

5. Transparency

When transporting swim equipment to the pool, it is important for the pool lifeguards to see what you have.

When carrying swimming equipment to the poolside in a swimming mesh bag, it will be clear to the lifeguards that you are a serious swimmer who is about to do an intense workout as they can see the contents of your bag through the mesh.

If your bag is sealed and not made from a mesh material, it makes the job of the lifeguard more difficult.

What if you have food in your bag? What if you have a fizzy drink that could contaminate the pool? What if you have a camera concealed in the bag which is against the rules in a lot of public swimming areas?

Using a swimming mesh bag shows pool officials that you are just carrying legitimate items to the pool deck.

What Size Swimming Mesh Bag Do I Need?

A swimming mesh bag size (capacity) is given in terms of litres.

A swimming mesh bag with a capacity of 35L is more than enough for all your swimming equipment needs.

For example, this awesome Speedo Equipment Mesh Drawstring Bag has a capacity of 35L.

The following image shows what can fit in this bag. You can see snorkels, fins and a pull buoy will fit easily.

What To Look For When Buying A Swim Mesh Bag?

A swimming mesh bag may seem like such a simple item that it’s easy to just grab the first one you see.

However, if you take a bit of time and consider the following features, you will buy a far superior mesh bag that you will be truly happy with.

1. Drawstring Closing

Having a two-drawstring closing is the best option for a swimming mesh bag.

A drawstring closing is easy and fast to open and close, a big bonus if you are swapping out equipment during the middle of a swim set.

In addition, the drawings make the bag easy to carry and you can confidently transport your swim equipment without the risk of it falling out.

2. Bright Colours

Personally, I like bright colours for a swim mesh bag as your bag will be easier to identify on the pool deck.

As so many swimmers have black or navy mesh bags, it is hard to tell them apart.

In addition, companies such as Speedo make such great mesh bags. They are typically the most popular, so it is not uncommon for your mesh bag to look like everyone else’s.

The best way to identify your bag quickly is to pick a bright or less popular colour. In addition, sometimes the less popular colours are cheaper, which is an extra win.

3. Name Tag

If you do want a black or navy swim mesh bag, try to pick one with a name tag.

This is really important if you attend swim events or swim meets as so many swim mesh bags are piled up on the pool deck, that it can be hard to tell which is yours at first glance.

Good swimming mesh bags such as the Speedo Equipment Mesh Drawstring Bag will have a discreet name tag area so you can ensure your swim mesh bag is easily identifiable.

4. Small Pockets

Some swim mesh bags will have a small exterior pocket for storing small items such as locker keys. This is so useful!

Having a small exterior pocket is brilliant for storing small items, especially tiny and delicate swim gear such as earplugs.

The Speedo Unisex-Adult Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag is a nice example of a well though out swim mesh bag design with an easy-to-access external pocket.

The Best Mesh Bags For Swimming

There are some great swimming mesh bags on the market.

When shopping for a swimming mesh bag, it is important to check that the bag is large enough for your swimming gear, is durable to last and is designed for pool use.

A swim mesh bag with a capacity of 35L is large enough to carry all your equipment to the pool.

Here are some of the best swimming mesh bags:

Speedo Equipment Mesh Drawstring Bag

  • Large and spacious, which is perfect for a range of swimming equipment.
  • Has an ID tag, so you can ensure your swim equipment does not get mixed up with others.
  • Soft and fast-drying material.

Speedo Unisex-Adult Ventilator Mesh Equipment Bag

  • Extra front pocket, which makes this great for storing small items such as earplugs.
  • Nice quality material.
  • Soft and fast drying.

ZONE3 Large Mesh Swim Training Aids Bag 

  • Full straps help this bag double up as a backpack.
  • Drawstring closing
  • Easy to identify with the yellow straps.

FINIS Unisex’s Mesh Gear Bag

  • Has a small zip compartment for storing small items.
  • Comes in a range of colours.
  • Has an easy-to-read name tag location.
  • Simple but excellent.

Arena Mesh Pool Gym Sack Team Drawstring Bag

  • A basic mesh bag
  • Cost-effective
  • Range of colours available
  • Gets the job done at a great price.

Aqua Zone Drawstring Sports Equipment Mesh Bag For Swimming

  • A basic mesh bag
  • Wide variety of colours
  • Very affordable

Eono Packable Sports Mesh Bag with 35L Upgraded Capacity & Vented Design

  • A mesh bag and backpack in one
  • Large capacity for good storage.
  • Great for a day at the beach or transporting wet swim equipment.

Final Thoughts

A swimming mesh bag is an essential piece of kit for any swimmer who transports swimming equipment and training aids to the pool.

When looking for a swimming mesh bag, it is important to find one that is spacious enough to store all of your equipment. Typically, 35L is enough to store a full kit of swim equipment.

A good swim is more than just a clear lane and a long workout; extra gear and convenience can make your time at the pool so much more organised and enjoyable.

If you are tired of carrying a lot of swimming equipment to the pool deck, then the swim mesh bag is the right piece of kit for you.

Happy swimming!

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