Zoggs Aqua Plugz Ear Plugs Gear Review (Are they any good?)

I have been swimming with the Zoggs Aqua Plugz Ear Plugs for some time now and would like to share my experience.

I appreciate that swimming ear plugs are a delicate matter and finding a decent pair can often be a frustrating experience for swimmers, so in this review, I will share my honest feelings about these earplugs and if I think they are an option for you.

I have linked to these swimming earplugs on Amazon, so I will get a commission if you buy through my link, but I am not here to sell these to you just to share my experience.

In this article, I will cover our primary concerns as swimmers, including:

  • What Are The Main Features Of These Earplugs?
  • Are These Earplugs Comfortable?
  • Will These Earplugs Fall Out?
  • Will These Earplugs Stop Water Getting Into My Ear?
  • Can I Place A Swim Cap Over These Earplugs? (How far do they stick out?)
  • Are These Earplugs Good For Small Ears?
  • Would I Recommend These Earplugs To My Best Friend?
Swim Earplug FeatureRatingComments
Comfort⭐⭐⭐⭐Depending on your ears, of course, but if these work for you, you will love them. I found they are super comfortable.
Not Falling Out⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐These stay in place. The extra lip can be tucked under a swim cap for extra security.
Stopping Water Getting Into Ears⭐⭐⭐This depends on your ears, but on the whole, will work great if you can get a tight fit.
Fit For Small Ears⭐⭐⭐⭐I would recommend the junior size for smaller ear canals.
Easy To Clean⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Very easy to wash and clean.
Easy To Store⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Comes with a carry case for easy storage that keeps them clean and helps to keep their shape.
This Table Shows The Rated Features Of The Zoggs Aqua Plugs Swim Earplugs

What Are The Main Features Of These Earplugs?

The key features of these earplugs that standout for me are:

  1. An ergonomic design that is shaped to fit the outer ear for maximum comfort.
  2. These earplugs are made from soft silicone that is 100% hypo-allergenic.
  3. They come in two sizes, adult and junior size. The junior size is great for those with smaller ear canals.
  4. They have their own carry case, which makes these swimming earplugs easy to carry and move around.
  5. Very affordable, and typically cost less than £6.

Are These Earplugs Comfortable?

Overall, I would consider these earplugs to be very comfortable.

The soft silicone, which according to Zoggs is hypo-allergenic, feels soft and kind to my delicate ears.

In addition, the ergonomic design bends to fit the shape of the ear.

The downside of an ergonomic shape, however, is that you will either love or hate these earplugs. This is because the contours of the ergonomic shape will either suit your ears or they won’t. Personally, I find there is little middle ground when it comes to liking ergonomic swimming earplugs.

The inner earpiece, which fits into the ear, does not stick out too much so it does not feel sore when pushed into the ear, assuming you don’t push it in too far, of course.

In addition, the inner earpiece has a wide and soft rimmed flange that blocks the ear. This is soft and does not cause any noticeable discomfort.

Zoggs really have made the effort with these to make them soft and comfortable.

Will These Earplugs Fall Out?

One of my biggest concerns while swimming is losing my swimming earplugs and I believe that this is a fear shared by many swimmers.

These earplugs have been great at staying in place.

The inner section that plugs the ear is soft and grips the ear canal wall, which creates a nice seal but keeps the earplug in place.

In addition, the earplug is shaped to fit the full outer ear. The great thing about this is that you can tuck the tip of the earplug underneath a swimming cap for extra security.

This means that if you don’t like swimming caps covering your ears, you can just tuck the tip of the earplug into the swim cap, which helps to hold the swimming earplug in place and your ears are still free.

Here is an image of how I tuck the tip of the swimming earplug underneath my swimming cap.

Will These Earplugs Stop Water Getting Into My Ear?

These swimming earplugs do not keep my ears 100% dry, but they stop my ears from becoming overly saturated with pool water. This results in less trapped pool water in my ears after my swim.

Pool water that is left in the ear can lead to swimmer’s ear if left unattended. This is a bacterial infection of the ear and is not pleasant.

It can be really hard to find a swimming ear plug that 100% keeps water out of your ears. I cannot guarantee that these earplugs will stop water from getting into your ears as we all have different sized ears.

The secret is to get a swimming earplug that seals the ear canal completely, which is hard to find.

If your goal is to keep your ears 100% dry, then check out this article that discusses how you can achieve this in much greater detail.

Can I Place A Swim Cap Over These Earplugs?

If you want to place a swimming cap over these earplugs, it is fine to do so. They do not stick out too far.

Pulling a swimming cap over the ears with the swimming earplugs in place has the benefit of keeping the earplugs securely fitted, and acts as a further barrier to water getting into your ear.

Are These Earplugs Good For Small Ears?

These swimming earplugs are on the large side and there are better options out there for small ears.

Zoggs manufactures a junior-sized option that is much better for smaller ear canals.

Aqua Plugz Adult

Dimensions: 28mm x 21mm x 12mm

Aqua Plugz Junior

Dimensions: 25mm x 20mm x 11mm

I have a small ear canal and I wish I opted for the junior version, as I am sure I could get a great fit.

You can see in the following image how the earplug in my small ear compares to the earplug fitted as per the manufactures stock image.

If they were just a fraction smaller (like the Aqua Plugz Junior), I would get a great fit.

Are These Earplugs Easy To Clean?

An important factor about owning swimming ear plugs is how easy they are to clean.

It is important to gently wash your earplugs in clean water after every swim to keep them hygienic.

These swimming earplugs are very easy to clean, and there are no tiny gaps or grooves in the design which can gather dust and dirt.

Very easy to clean and maintain.

Are These Earplugs Easy To Store?

For me, one of the best features of these earplugs is the custom carry case that comes with these earplugs.

Not only is the carry case small and easy to store, but they also designed it in a way that completely protects the earplugs and helps them to maintain their ergonomic shape.

It does not matter if I throw these to the bottom of my swim bag with all my gear on top. The carry case is sturdy and will protect my earplugs.

Would I Recommend These Earplugs To My Best Friend?

Yes, I would absolutely recommend these swim earplugs to my best friend, but with the following comments:

  1. If you have smaller ears or a small ear canal, consider the junior size.
  2. If you need a 100% water seal, then these may not be the best, as the chances that they will perfectly seal your ears is not guaranteed. You may need to wear a swim headband on top of these earplugs to keep the water out.

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