Learning To Swim As An Adult (My story)

an adult swimmer learns to swim

I recently had the privilege of speaking to Laura Quilter, a New Zealand Swimmer, Lifesaving World Record Holder, and Coach.

Laura hosts a swimming podcast, AURA Swim.

Laura is a world-class swimmer who has been in the water her whole life. She was eager to get the perspective of a self-taught adult swimmer who learned to swim later in life.

I was only too delighted to share my swimming story with her.

Have a listen below.

I have such respect for Laura and her determination to understand the perspective of adult beginner swimmers.

My journey to learn how to swim as an adult was a long one. I often felt intimidated by the prospect of swimming and really had no clue where to start.

In addition, my swimming journey was made more difficult by my fear of deep water.

Some swim coaches do not understand the fear of water or appreciate the perspective of adult beginner swimmers, which can make learning a challenge.

I think Laura is wonderful to try to get into our shoes and I have no doubt she is going to transform the lives of many adults by teaching them how to swim.

Check out her YouTube channel here.

Stigma-Busting Campaign Launched For Adult Beginner Swimmers

Here in the UK, Swim England has revealed statistics which show that more than half of adults feel it is intimidating to learn how to swim.

In addition, new research by Swim England has revealed that many adults have misconceptions about adult swimming lessons. [source]

Here are some of the findings from their latest research: [source]

  • Men are more likely to feel embarrassed attending adult swimming lessons.
  • Two in five adults would be more likely to join an adult swimming class if there wasn’t a stigma attached to it.

What I find really interesting about this latest body of research is that some of the misconceptions adults had about adult swimming lessons included:

  • Some thought they had to wear armbands. (This is not true)
  • Some thought they had to wear a conventional costume. (This is not true. What you wear depends on what is allowed by the pool)
  • Some thought that lessons were only for children or beginners. (This is not true. “Swim clinics” or improver lessons are available)

I am not sure where these stigmas have come from, but in 2023, it is time we ended it.

Swimming is a valuable life skill that should be open to all.

I had a long journey learning how to swim, but it was also exciting, challenging and incredibly rewarding.

Swimming is a wonderful skill that will stay with you into old age. It does not matter what age you are today, it really is never too late to learn to swim.

Through a top swim coach like Laura, we can learn this wonderful sport, meet new people and master this amazing life-saving skill.

To read more learning to swim articles, head over to my learning to swim page for useful information for beginners.

Happy swimming!

Louise Byrne

Hi, I am Louise and I am obsessed with swimming. I spend my free time in the water or getting ready for my next water adventure. I am also authour of the "The Mindful Swimmer", the very first mindful journal and swimming log book which combines the art of mindfulness and swimming so you can get even more from your swims. Check it out here on Amazon.

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